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My Story...

Hello there!  I loathe these about me bios.  I am not a good talker and you have to really get to know me to understand me.  I am not good for "public consumption" with people that don't know me, lol.  So for the sake of not sounding too self deprecating or pretentious, I will attempt a little bio with just facts and let my art work speak for itself.

I've lived in Maryland all my life, mostly in Harford County, where I currently reside, along with my husband, 2 kids, and our 2 bad kitties.  Growing up I always knew I wanted to do something creative for a living.  As a kid I began writing, in school I took every art class I could, and when I enrolled to college (the first time ;)  it was for mass communications/film.  My life took a different path that led me away from college and I joined the world of hospitality, then banking, then data protection, but all along the way I always kept my interests in creative outlets and one of those interests blossomed into more than just a hobby 7 years ago when I turned my love for photography into a small side business. 


Last June during the pandemic, I like so many millions of others lost my full time career.  I was pretty devastated, as I had been there for over 11 years and considered my fellow coworkers family.  I had no desire to start back at the bottom somewhere else, and had always told anyone that if I ever lost my job, I was going into photography full time.  So, now was my chance to make the leap!   

And along that path, something else happened.  As I am sure with others during the "downtime" during the pandemic and quarantine we began to focus on other things that we may have given up on years ago, or maybe started something completely new.  As I said before I always my entire life have been involved in art in some form or another.  As a young girl it was performing in dance, as a teen in became writing and drawing and painting and then as an adult; film and photography.  So during the pandemic, I was drawn to picking back up my sketchbook and getting more into painting, and that is pretty much how I got here....

Painting has become my therapy this past year.  It calms down my ever anxious mind.  It helps me block everything out and relax and center myself.  Art is without a doubt a form of therapy and without it, I wouldn't survive.  My paintings allow me to say what I fail to express in words.  I could do it for HOURS without realizing and I absolutely LOVE IT!  My art is still a work in progress.....just as I feel like my life always will be ;)  But, whose isn't?  

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy my art work :)  And if you have any special art work requests that I may be of assistance with, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at

Much Love!








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